Steve Daniels with Mr. Johnson.

Ann and Hoyett Crews with Rebel, Jr.

Ben Read.

Ben Read with his dog Johnson's Dick The Bruiser 26 "Buster".

Billy Brame petting Buster.

Brad McQuire and Johnson's Dick the Bruiser 57.

Brian Forsyth and Payton.

Carl Meyers with CCK's Coco and Khan.

I dare you to touch this truck.

CCK's Coco.

Colby Martin with Belle.

Pretty puppies!

David Moore with pup.

David Phillips with Rebel Rouiser 76.

Edgar Ascencio with Mason.

Frank Ficalore with Tarzan.

Bruce Deslauriers with Ironbite Tyson.

Harold LaGrange with CCK's Isis.

CCK's Isis.

The Hernandez boys.


Johnny Powell and Leaster R. Holloway.

Johnny Powell, Leaster R. Holloway, Ben Read and Buster.

Johnson's Dick The Bruiser 26 "Buster".

Julie Martin.

Little Big Show.

Mary Anne Cochrane with Tarzan.

Matt Darmon with Jessie.

John Dyer, the photographer.

An awesome puppy.

Ricardo Hernandez with Big Show.

Robby Hartsfield with Rebel.

Ronald Wright with Lil Buck.

Long Distance winners from Russia.

Scott and Andrew Weaver.

Stephen Bacon and Joe Espinoza with Bellah.

The DeGoliers with Tug.


Leaster R. Holloway, Johnny Powell and Ben Read.

Bobby Darmon and Bud.

Jason Wilson, Scott Weaver, Dixie Luckman and Johnson's Savannah.

Big Show.

Adam Goodman's Jesse.

Stephen Bacon with Johnson's Dick The Bruiser 55.

Johnson's Dick The Bruiser 56, owned by Jerry Jacobs.

Johnson's Dick The Bruiser 57.

The 2002 Johnson Show Organizers.