Johnson Show - 5/15/99

Judge (L), John D. Johnson(R).

Johnny Powell.

Rob and Taz.

Robert Hartsfield's female Lexi out of Boomer x Sis.

Collette 26, Boomer's sister.

Paul Ciancio trying to figure out a way to go home with Ben Read's dog!

Leaster R. Holloway and his dog Bugsy.

Greg Shipmen and his pup Bullet.

Al Sumabat and his dog Taboo.

Billy Anderson.

2 shots of Benton Read(L) with Bruiser, Johnny Powell(R) with Sugar Tuffie 53.

Johnson's Sugar Tuffie 51.

Mike Lobdell.

Cheryl Devine with Taz.

Daryl Anderson and his new buddy MD Brando.

Art Parker and his dog Dawg.


Rodney Page with his dog Bo.

Billy Brame w/Destiny (Dick 3 x Collette 5), Johnny Powell with Sugar Tuffie 53 (Big Buck x Sugar Tuffie 50) and Paul Ciancio. That's Ben Read's Bruiser's (Dick 3 x Tuffie 26) head in the corner of the shot.

Jay White and his new CCK pup out of Boomer x Sugar Doll 65.

Sharolyn Simmons with her dog Dash out of Boomer x Savannah.

2 shots of Troy Simmons with his dogs, (top) Game Hunter, Champs belly brother. Than Dash out of Boomer x Savannah.

Knox Biles.

Knox Biles's dog.

John D. Johnson's new stud dog, Bobby Rice's Red Machine the Bullnese!!!

Jennifer Kelley with Bugsy (Jackson's Zeek x Johnson's Collette 78).

Rebel Blue (Gideon x Millie) owned by Lance and Lesli Rose.

Lesli Rose, Candace Lauren Rose and CCK's Sugar Spicy (Boomer x Sugar Doll 65).

Dr. Jim Miller, DVM.

Sugar Tuffie 53.

Millie and a snake.

John D. Johnson. Johnny Powell and Benton Read.

John D. Johnson and Billy Brame.

CONGRATULATIONS Johnny Powell and Sugar Tuffie 53, way to go Johnny!!!!.